Politics: You know I would never condone sarcasm…


This is just too good to pass up. I’ve only been saying the same thing for, oh, half-a-century, now….


PA-Gov: Corbett Releases Sarcastic New Ad Hitting Wolf on Taxes (VIDEO) | PoliticsPA


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Humor: Now You’re Thinking

Check out Pickles on GoComics!


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Humor: Better Luck Next Time

Check out Cornered on GoComics!


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Movie: “Gone Girl”

J just read the book this week. She liked it but didn’t seem much more impressed with the movie than I was.

I think the film is clever and, in spots, surprising, but there are important parts I don’t buy into. Overall, I wasn’t impressed (except by the cast, of course) and don’t think it was worth spending my time. On Guido’s Watch Check Scale: A 2.5.


Grade: C

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Art: Some Great Photos—some are unique in several ways

[via JimT]

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Tech: One of the Most Important People You Will Read about This Year

For many years I always thought investing money in battery stocks would be wise – all those electronic devices will want to go portable, won’t they? They’ll need better batteries.

I was half right.

Not only do they benefit from better batteries, but they benefit from their own design being reduced to the point where they require less energy to operate. It’s a glass glass half full, compared to a glass half empty, of course.

And so it is in our personal economy. I could try to get a job that pays me better so that I can afford to buy more gasoline to get to work. Or I could find a job that lets me work without needing to use so much gasoline – as a consultant, or working from home or working remotely somehow without a daily commute.

So in some ways, our cost-of-living can be reduced by external factors. We don’t often think of our cost for electricity coming down, or trash hauling, or heating oil, or other services we depend on. But here’s a gal who may reduce costs in healthcare – which would save me money in the long run.

And there’s a subtle difference in how she might do that. It seems like a lot of the advantages she has proposed depend on changing software, rather than hardware. Which is also a major part of progress in the future. Remember Mark Andriessen and his “Software is Eating the World.” It’s leveraged improvements.

Anyway, this is a long article. You will want to skim it, or find another that is shorter and more to the point. But all the details are here. And they’re pretty significant, if you ask me.


This CEO’s out for blood


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Humor: Not as easy as it sounds

Check out Real Life Adventures on GoComics!


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