Humor: Yup, That’s Pretty Much It.

Check out Real Life Adventures on GoComics!

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Humor: Interpretive Signage

Check out Non Sequitur on GoComics!

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Media: Seeing is believing. Or is it?

unbelievable bus shelter by pepsi max on Vimeo

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Media: Siri / Direction Instructions

Gnat writes:

Hi PT,

In reading your Amber Alert post, I was curious what application Siri provided to give you verbal directions to a specific destination? I have used Google Maps, which will display where you’re going, but doesn’t give you talking directions to get to a location like a GPS system does.

How did Siri provide this information? Your Siri is a smart cookie, or maybe you just know how to command performance to make her work for you.


PT replies:

As I implied in my post, I wasn’t sure exactly how I got the turn-by-turn instructions working. Now I will recreate the process here for both of us! (I’m posting it in case there is an Android-or-other-OS equivalent for non-iPhone users. The iOS7 Siri trick is free, the way we like it.)

1. Open the Maps app (not Google Maps).

2. Tap anywhere at the top of the screen to enter your destination so Maps can look it up. (I’m skipping some details here.)

You can choose from a list of recent routes by tapping the “bookmark” or “arrow” icons.

You’ll get a route screen.

3. Tap Start. Siri starts talking. You will see your first direction (e.g., “5.2 miles Turn left on I-95″).

4. To see a list of directions, tap the center of the screen and then tap the “list” icon that appears at center bottom (shown on the “Route” screen, above).

5. Siri tells you what to do next. From now on you get a direction anytime you get near a place to turn, and when you’re going to make the next move, Siri repeats the action to you. So every segment, you get an announcement at the beginning and an announcement at the end of the segment.

The direction is shown at the top of the screen. If you tap on that, Siri repeats it for you. You can also get a list of the directions. From here on, Siri will function automatically.

At this point, you can take your iPhone and set it in your car’s cupholder. Or put on ear buds—which I did—and listen to a book, podcast, or music until Siri overrides the audio with directions for the next turn.

6. To close the route, tap End (upper left on screen). An arrow replaces End; click on that arrow to get back to your list of routes.

7. If you get lost, construct another route from your Current Location to your destination. Siri knows where you are.

== PT, iPaddict

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Media: Tea Em Eye Oh Eye-Pea?

Sometimes I think I’m getting too much information on my iPhone.

This morning I had some errands to run so I set out on the highway. After a few miles my phone made an unusual sound. At the next light I stopped and took a peek. It was an Amber alert, but for a small city about 50 miles away. Oh, boy.

Next I noticed a large electric billboard near the exit where I got off the turnpike. At the moment I looked, it was displaying a very large “Wanted” poster like the kind they have in post offices. What a concept.

Then, just as I was heading for the turnpike tollbooth, my phone rang. This almost never happens. And therefore usually makes me think that someone has died or I’m in really big trouble or both. I pulled off in the little parking area for the official cars and took a look. It was that same stupid caller from Kissimmee Florida who’s been calling me in the past few weeks. I don’t know anybody in or near Kissimmee Florida. Someday I’m going to call them back and tell them to “Kissy Me Butt.”

At the conclusion of my short five minute business visit, I was going to go to a government office about an hour away. Somehow I got a map application going with Siri talking to me giving me turn-by-turn directions. It works very well and located an office 30 minutes closer for me. Unfortunately, the place I was looking for was in a tricky location and by the time I got there it was 12:01 PM. The office closed at 12 noon. Being a government office, you can imagine the odds of getting that door open.

So with the help of the map app and Siri, I plotted another route to the next office. I put on my headphones and everything worked fine, hands-free. I could audit my audiobook until Siri would break in with another direction for me to take. This worked very well indeed. Unfortunately, the second office also closed at noon on Wednesdays.

But I drove a little bit and got into an office park where there was a mail truck and got the mailman to take the letter and put it in the mail to the government office a couple of miles away.

Gotta keep them Gubmint workers fully employed! Alas, even with all the modern conveniences, after four or five hours of driving it was starting to get old.

== PT, iPaddict

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Media: How to Lie with Data Visualization | Heap Data Blog

I love statistics! I actually took a course in basic statistics in order to get my degree in journalism. But I didn’t really need it – so much of the effective use of statistics is almost common sense. As the following link shows… “Figures lie and liars figure.” 😉

== PT, iPaddict

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Cars: We Can’t Wait To See At The NY Auto Show – Business Insider

Check out the Land Rover (#10).

== PT, iPaddict

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