Media: Drone footage…


== PT, iPaddict

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Drone footage…

… of the Washington wildfires. We’ll be seeing more news coverage like this.

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Humor: L O L I’m not at the bottom!

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TFT: The Ultimate Banksy Gallery (127 photos) «TwistedSifter

I finally found the time to look through these. Some of the most brilliant art I’ve ever seen. I like the ones about the UPC codes.

“Everyone is born a genius but the process of living de-geniuses them.”
— R. Buckminster Fuller

== PT, iPaddict

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Movie: Man of Steel (2013)

Cleverly written with an unusual production design, this is easily the best Superman movie or show so far.

Which isn’t saying much. I was never a fan; but this movie brought me in closer.

Grade: B-

Man of Steel (2013)

A young itinerant worker is forced to confront his secret extrastellar origin when Earth is invaded by members of his own race.

== PT, iPaddict

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Tech: Phone Apps, FWIW

I’m not a fan of iPad apps. For one thing, I tend to access websites – especially — using menus more than apps. Also, I feel more comfortable visiting the “real” websites, rather than the mobile versions.

I don’t much like Verizon’s website interface. Their site is all about Sell!—Sell!—Sell! when what I usually need is Fix!—Fix!—Fix!

However. I installed an app that may be of some use. If your have some other ISP, YMMV—but you may have some similar features that you might like to try.

1. When our house phone rings, the Caller ID shows up on our TV screen. Well, on some screens, anyway. Some of the time, anyhow. But I think there may be a switch you need to turn on via the Verizon website to make this happen.

2. With the MyFiOS app running on my iPad, when the phone rings I can see who’s calling via my iPad. It won’t display fast enough for me to pick up the call, but it lets me check the call when I’m in the back yard (or anywhere else!)

I seldom answer the phone anyway. It’s usually either Not For Me or an unknown or unwelcome caller. I use the house phone to fwd the NFM messages to J’s cell phone. This is a Verizon voicemail feature I actually find a little useful. The msg gets passed along and I don’t have to remember anything. (It can also be saved.)

Besides all that, when the phone rings, the Caller ID sounds out loud. I think this is a feature of my cordless phone. I also have old Caller ID boxes that can do the same thing.

We could prolly drop the land line and not miss it, but I see after a long call to Flada I have “unlimited calling” bundled in for $30 per month. Maybe too cheap to drop.

Happy Motoring, and I’ll see you back on the freeway, which is already in progress.

(“Drive with care and buy Sinclair.”)

== Ralph Spoilsport, Ralph Spoilsport Motors

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Words: It’s “Just Deserts” Not “Just Desserts”

Could it be any more confusing?!

== PT, iPaddict

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Semi-Retarded: The Fat Lady As Siren


I’ve heard others say it but I didn’t believe it. Then, yesterday, I said the same thing to myself:

“I don’t know how I ever found time to go to a regular job.”

Meanwhile, The Last And Final Mrs. T completed a four-day series of TAD* picnics, parties, dinners, and naps before resuming her place behind the chair later this morning. She will definitely need refresher training herself.


*Temporary Assigned Duty

== PT, iPaddict

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