Bicycles: The Devil’s Machine

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Note To Readers

If something I post isn’t here, look for it on my Facebook page.

There are still a lot of things about Facebook that I’m not keen on, but it makes posting very easy and reliable compared to some postings in my blog.

Complicated postings, and deeper subjects, will still be treated here. For the rest of the rubbish, I’ll see you on Facebook.

P.S., I now have thousands of postings here. If you never read some of the earlier stuff, you might enjoy it.

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Humor: How It All Makes Sense

Check out Dilbert on GoComics!

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Humor: Minion Smiles












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Tech: The Continuing Beauty of DVR

I’m still managing all my TV viewing by way of DVR. I almost never see commercials anymore. I could never sit through them and still follow the show that I’m watching – there are so many commercials. So I’m watching an awful lot more TV than I would be getting without DVR.

This is a pretty good show about Silicon Valley in the startup days of the 1980s. I read about the new season online a few minutes ago, opened my Fios app on iPad, and scheduled the series to start recording on Tuesdays from my iPad. That’s easier than getting it done through the TV menus on FiOS. If you don’t have a DVR, I think you can set yourself a show reminder also using the app.

I mainly use my Fios app to see who’s calling my house when the phone rings and I’m not near the phone. We get very few calls and most of them are junk.

[Note to Bird:  There’s a ton of tech nostalgia in this story here:]

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Society: Please just try to ignore their bulges!

:::::New Zealand hotel cafe bars cyclists in Lycra shorts – BBC News


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Science: I guess sacrificing a virgin wouldn’t have helped.

A bit long, but absolutely fascinating.

Reminds me of the local story about two horses in a barn that were electrocuted when a car on a nearby road downed a power line. The electricity traveled from the pole to the horses through the earth (literally, electrical “ground”).

:::::::: The Mystery of One of the Strangest Natural Disasters of the 20th Century

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