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“My solution would be to pay whatever the hell they want, get them back to work, and then go figure out how to automate all their jobs.”


Excellent article. And Comments. Yes, I do see “ghost jobs” now every day. Amazing, isn’t it, how we have all learned to operate elevators by ourselves?

The article does dodge one possible solution: These employees could maybe stay put for $50K/yr. Or $45K? $40K…? At some point, it would be worth keeping them on. But only for a little while.

However, what started this issue was a demand for more money, not less. Gordon Gecko wasn’t talking about these people when he said, “Greed–for lack of a better word–is good.” This is more like the story of the dog and his bone.


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The neat thing about this article is how it encapsulates what you and I talk about sometimes — short-term vs long-term automation.
There’s not much new in it, conceptually, but it humanizes the issue and the Comments are interesting.

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