Religion: I think I need to read the Koran

I have read about the Koran but haven’t read it. I have always been familiar with the teachings of the Bible – or so I thought. When I finally, actually read the Old Testament itself, I was completely unprepard for the violence of the God I found there. I’m not talking about the misbehaving humans. There were plenty of those as well. No, I mean what God told them to do. I wonder if it’s possible that Jehovah (Yahweh) —the God of the Hebrews and Christians—can be any less violent than the God of Islam.

This article gives a nice summary of the genocidal, bloodthirsty, uncompromising violence sponsored by the God of the Hebrews. I’m hard pressed to see how they could go along with those plans and then enshrine a record of it in their holy book. And claim moral superiority over other tribes.

As this writer notes, there was no Geneva Convention back then. Slavery wasn’t unusual. Times were different. But Israel’s God told many people to kill many other people (it says here). And so they did. I’ve read about what the Muslims may have done throughout history. Now I wonder: What exactly did Allah tell them to do? The Devil may lie in the details.

P.S., Being lazy, I’ve tried asking Christians to explain or defend Yahweh’s practices. They declined—or took offense—or both. And I’ll bet that many who disparage Islam haven’t read the Koran.

I like this article because it parses the differences between the beliefs and the deeds of believers. And it notes how all believers cherry-pick whatever verses they like.

Currently I’m reading Clausewitz’s On War. That goes a step further, implying that a group doesn’t necessarily need approval from a god to go to war. But I get the feeling it makes the group feel better.

Anyway, only the victors get to write history.


Violent passages in the Koran and the Bible – The Boston Globe

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