Humor: SNL Current Favorite

1. If you iPaddicts take a minute to download the free NBC app, you should be able to access these clips of Cecily Strong on SNL. (Come to think of it, she’s playing a character who goes all the way back to Mrs. Malaprop, whom I remember on “Mr. Peepers” with Wally Cox in the 1950s, remember that? And surely there must’ve been something similar in vaudeville before that. Later, Emily Letella did the same shtick on SNL. In comics, the best version is Frank & Earnest.)

[ROTFL Again!]

2. Find these from S40 E15 3/7/2015 (Host: Chris Hemsworth)—the full episode.

@ 37:00

3. The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at the Party



@ 51:50

4. Ad Bimbos


It may a little tricky skipping past the ads to find these segments, but worth it IMO.

P.S., The chicken commanding the starship Enterprise seems to be popular, too.


I just watched Saturday Night Live with the NBC app and thought you might enjoy it. Download the app on iTunes to watch full episodes of Saturday Night Live right here!

== PT

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