Religion: Reading The Koran

Say what you might about the Bible, at least most of its books offer good reading as history. The ethical stuff also is pretty clear. Some books (Psalms) are just cheerleading and nothing more (God is great! Praise God! Thank You, God! Etc.).

The Koran, amazingly, doesn’t even come close. It’s just a jumble of declamations with no narrative, no order, no consistency, and more wasted words than I’ve ever seen in one place (600 pages, give or take). I can understand that there may be some nuggets of lucidity buried in it for opponents to criticize, but how anybody can rely on the thing as a belief system is beyond me.

I give up.

I agree with this analysis:


In some Westerners it engenders other emotions. For Gibbon it was an “incoherent rhapsody of fable,” for Carlyle an “insupportable stupidity,” while here is what the German scholar Salomon Reinach thought: “From the literary point of view, the Koran has little merit. Declamation, repetition, puerility, a lack of logic and coherence strike the unprepared reader at every turn. It is humiliating to the human intellect to think that this mediocre literature has been the subject of innumerable commentaries, and that millions of men are still wasting time absorbing it.”


All the more reason to fear Islamofascists: They claim to make sense of it—for their own purposes!

== PT

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