Business: You Can—No, You *WILL* Be Replaced

Or your children will. Then what?

I’ve been saying it for years—and here’s more of the same. Sadly, I’m out of glib solutions. “Learn-Unlearn-Relearn” isn’t enough.

We need a new socioeconomic model. Capitalism keeps giving us plutocracies—first, around 1900 and now, a century later, the same thing again. Punishing their success doesn’t help. Favoring them doesn’t work any better. We need some form of surviving without working. But that’s been tried. It’s called socialism and it just doesn’t work when the bill comes in.

How did the Star Trek society get it all done without money? Maybe I can find a book on that back story.

First, I may have to learn Klingon.


‘Rise of the Robots’ and ‘Shadow Work’ –

== PT

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