Life: At The End Of the Road

I’ll never forget riding past this place. On two occasions, actually.

It’s hard up against the town of Dannemora, along a state highway, and the high walls just loom up all of a sudden as you’re innocently driving along. You get a real keen sense just then of the hugely serious difference between “Here”—where you are, unsuspecting, just cruising by—and “There,” only a few yards away, behind that high wall.

For a hundred years there was a county prison in Doylestown. My friend once worked there. They had joke postcards printed up that said, “Greetings from the Pine Street Hotel.” But it was tucked away in a corner of the borough and the old stone wasn’t anywhere near as intimidating as smooth concrete, chain link fencing, manned guard towers, and razor wire. It houses the Michener art museum today.

Clinton County Correctional Facility:

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