Safety Solution

Somebody at work tripped on his sneaker laces and went down hard. He said it wasn’t the first time.

Which reminded me of something I started doing a couple of weeks ago to keep my laces from snagging on those little curb-feeler protrusions on my motorcycle footpegs. Laced footwear is always riskier for motorcycling, and the more lacing, the more risk.

Sure it looks odd. But—also recently—several readers sent Letters To The Editor of a motorcycling magazine to chastise him for running photos of a road test where the test rider was wearing laced sneakers.

Two-wheeling is all about risk, and in the Real World that usually means reasoned compromise. I have never been truly ATGATT (All the Gear All The Time) and I’ll sometimes “cheat,” like on a one-mile ride to the gym. Still, the risk is always there.

So I solved the laces problem. Bu I can still snag the cuffs on some of my slacks. Whattayagonnado.

== PT

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