Tech: I expect I’ll get a charge out of this brick

Whenever I’ve had a dead battery, it’s hardly ever been from the battery’s age. I usually just replaced them as part of PM – anytime after about four years, as somebody recently recommended to me anyway. More likely some goofy light was left on or a switch was accidentally thrown, causing the battery to drain.

In my present housing situation, jumpstarting is difficult or impossible. Not to mention, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to use a car to charge a motorcycle. And I never even thought of using a motorcycle to jumpstart a car.

A long time ago I bought what I call a “brick” that you plug in to your car to charge. Then when you need it, you’re supposed to plug it in to your car and turn on the ignition and wait 15 minutes. But when I do that, my car’s headlights come on and I don’t see how that’s going to help with charging or starting. Anyway, when I needed it, it didn’t work.

So I would pull the battery from the car and charge it in the house overnight using my ancient 1 amp/ 4 amp charger from Sears. Or use a new outside AC socket I had installed to plug plug it into the charging convenience SAE plug on the motorcycle. Just had to make sure it didn’t get rained on during charging. (Obviously, I don’t have a garage.) This contraption here looks a lot simpler and easier. And if I had only one vehicle available – that’s a possible circumstance, too – I could start it with this brick I think. Just need to charge it every few months probably, like the brick I use for my gadgets. And for that matter, I could also use this for running my gadgets. Like during a power outage, which is not unknown around here. Win-win.

::::::::::::::::: Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Jump Starter/Personal Power Supply XP-1 XP-1: Automotive

== PT

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