No Internet, no TV this morning

I got the TV back, but no Internet. Talked with a troubleshooter who said the TV would go as well. Scheduled Sunday afternoon for service.

Sucks, yes.

They think their box is bad. The troubling part: this has happened before.

For a service like this, I really would like to see same day attention. I’ve had enough bad experiences that I can’t excuse lapses in service any longer. It’s a disgrace.

You could say it’s new technology and they are still learning, but that’s no excuse for not fixing stuff as soon as it’s broke.

Later, at the gym, I met a guy who said the storm the night before brought the biggest ground strike he ever heard. Maybe that did it.

The good news is, I can play the programs I have recorded. I have several dozen of them. +100 movies on DVD that I never watch anymore.

P.S., That was Friday. This morning I’m using free WiFi at Starbucks with my coffee.

Last month I used my iPhone to check on my mail and such at work via J’s AT&T account. That cost about $100, so I need a better plan for that!

== PT
From iPhone

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