Tech: Phone Upgrade

No, I didn’t get a new phone.

My current employer —a software company — doesn’t seem to have a Wi-Fi network that I can use at work. If they did, I would use it to triage my email — as many of us are used to doing, over the years. Risky, I know, but a nice little break now and then from staring at a work screen.

So I’ve been using my iPhone at work for the triage. However, this very quickly ran up overcharges on my wife’s cellphone account. Eventually I got that stopped and we have changed the plan to include more data hours per month.

My iPad – like most iPads sold — does not have [CORRECTION:  cellular connection capability; it has WiFi only]. However, there is a way that you can use your cell phone as the connection between your iPad and the inter-webs. A personal hotspot of a kind. So, in theory, I can now use my iPad at work (or anywhere else) by relying on my iPhone for the Internet connection. So I don’t always need a WiFi connection.

Of course, another way to go would be to buy an iPad with cellular connection capability. But then I’d have to figure out how to get my wife’s carrier — or any carrier — to work on the iPad, without costing a lot. I think the current data upgrade will cost me $30 a month.

Just figuring out what we have on the phone already is like trying to decipher a EULA agreement. Or doing my income taxes with a pencil.

Ah, yes: The pencil. I don’t hear anyone bemoaning the demise of the pencil.

In the Old Days, by now I would have learned a bit more about my bosses and coworkers by analyzing their handwriting on notes they would send to me during the day, or text they might write out to be included in some manuals. That sort of thing.

But These Days, I can’t even remember the last time anybody sent me a business-related paper note.

And almost is rare, I can’t remember the last note I wrote on paper to anybody either. (Except Kitchen Notes with The Wife.)

Can you? If you can, then I’m sure you’re justified in complaining about all this newfangled technology. As for the Rest of You: Go back and check your Facebook page!

P.S., You did NOT read it here. 😉

But I digress….

== PT

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