Society: Wide World of Wetbacks

A fascinating problem. Not solvable by fences or buses IMO. (Have you ever tried to police a squirrel feeder? Oh—I mean bird feeder?)

My personal favorite first step would be to abolish the welfare state. But huge numbers of the grandparents of today’s Americans migrated to the US even before there was any welfare. They came then—as today—often to escape torture, war, corruption and the rest of the mess in failed states everywhere.

Not to mention: The places they are trying to move into already have worrisome unemployment rates, with jobs for the unskilled already vanishing.

Yet there is pretty much enough money and food to go around, historically speaking. It’s just inefficiently distributed. The old panacea for that was Communism, but we know how that turned out.

No, I think that, beyond a certain scale of operations, the limitations of capitalism are getting worse, not better. Same thing was happening a hundred years ago, and what did we get? The national income tax. Oh, brilliant solution that one is, squire!

At least it moved the discussion away from tariffs. FWIW.

I think we need the welfare state to keep a lid on this and we need some international discussion of what to do. A plan. Greece has shown us, at least, what not to do.

A domestic Marshall Plan. Now, there was a plan I probably would have opposed at the time; however, against common sense, it worked. And it kept large chunks of Europe from falling to Communism. Could we do it again? What is The Plan?

Meanwhile, the beat goes on….


Man dies in Channel Tunnel as migrant crisis deepens | Reuters

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