Biking: Only Twice?

I took my scooter into the shop. It needed work. They gave me a loaner. I freakin’ love the loaner bike.

The next day (this evening) I took the loaner out for a ride. I got to the stop at the end of my alley. And stopped. And started. And fell down.

A bystander (he looked Indian) kindly offered to get the bike up and I accepted. I had tried, but with no success after a minute or two. That part is unresolved and very disappointing. I had read articles, but apparently not enough of them. Together this Samaritan and I got it upright.

Damage was nil. But as I told my helper, nothing like this had happened to me since 1983. (That time was a crash. Since then, there was maybe a slide in a muddy field once with a fall down but that was it.)

MORAL: You’re only ever as good as your last ride.

I went for the rest of my ride and it was great.

P.S., They say there are only two kinds of riders: Those who have fallen down and those who will fall down. I met my quota in 1983. Now, of course, my immortality is assured.

P.S., Reminder: Most incidents happen within 25 miles of home. Or even with 25 meters…!

== PT

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One Response to Biking: Only Twice?

  1. Old Fart Bird says:

    maybe time to put the Training Wheels back on…WTF. are You OK?

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