New Toy

When things that are “destined” to happen are about to happen, all of a sudden all the traffic lights all go green. I was caught in such a vortex this week.

I’d been thinking about consolidating my two-wheeled fleet. Then I had a problem. That led to a palliative. That provided the key to a path to the upgrade.

So far (i.e., today) everything about the move seems positive. Yes, it did cost me money. But it seems to have been well spent. I am really very much enjoying the change. To my great surprise.

The only major disadvantage is that I find I definitely prefer a big windscreen. Extends comfort and the riding season considerably. I may want to find one in the aftermarket.

Otherwise, the tech bits are all there and the rediscovered joy is amazing. So far. Can’t remember when I had more fun on a ride.

Of course — on the other hand — when things start to go bad they can go bad just just as fast as they might go well. And someday they will.

But just not today.

== PT

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