Society: Looks like all the places worth going to are having the same problem

Reminds me of the slogan slung around by the anti-(Vietnam) war movement in the 1960s. Turns out it was a quotation taken out of context, and actually supported the protesters’ opponents. It was many years before I found out the protesters used only half of the quote.
It goes like this:


Best Answer: Though repeated or rephrased in the 1960s to protest the Vietnam War, the original phrase came a poem by Bertolt Brecht, written in the 1930s.

The entire poem is:

“What if they gave a war and nobody came?
Why, then, the war would come to you!
He who stays home when the fight begins
And lets another fight for his cause
Should take care:
He who does not take part
In the battle will share in the defeat.
Even avoiding battle will not avoid battle.
Since not to fight for your own cause
Really means
Fighting on behalf of your enemy’s cause.”

If you read the entire poem, it has the opposite meaning from what most people get from the first line.



But I digress.


Migrant crisis: The fence being built to keep the migrants out – BBC News

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