Life: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

As one grows older, and sheds some illusions (adapting to reality), one often wonders: What’s the worst that can happen? Or: What can possibly go wrong?

My personal answer is: A lot. Or: Ten thousand things, I guess.

Well, I get partial credit. Turns out I’m not far off. But it’s about to get much worse.

There are coding systems used in healthcare to categorize and identify illnesses, ailments, conditions, etc. (not counting the various kinds of specific traumas, I suppose: Injury by vehicular accident, forest fire, on and on). In one International Classification of Diseases (ICD), today, there are about 13,000 things that you can expect to go wrong.

A month from now, there will be approximately 68,000 natural disasters waiting to happen to you. That’s when the ICD-9 coding system will be replaced by ICD-10. Everybody in the healthcare business is scrambling to migrate to the new (incompatible) ICD codes. Not to mention, this will cost providers considerable time and money.

All in the name of more effective, more efficient healthcare. Which is also being affected by improvements and incentives under another concept called “Meaningful Use.”

It’s a whole lot more that I now have to worry about. So please excuse me—I’d better get started.

Have a nice day.

== PT

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