War: A Minute for the 50 Million

The only objection the generals had was the timing. Nineteen-Forty-Four? Ja, sehr gut! Nineteen Forty-Two? Well, that was not ideal but it was doable.

But 1939? Nein! Unerhört.

IOW: Bad Idea.

And so it began. The “Good War.” The War That Made War Respectable. The war we’ve been fighting ever since. Not just nations killing each other, but Good Guys and Bad Guys. And of course, Good Guys are needed everywhere, pretty much all the time. Wherever they seek to put in their two cents.

Of course the world today is a better place. Except for those fifty million and the hundreds of millions who miss them all.

What if they gave a war and nobody came? Well, then, the war will come to you!

== PT

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