Life: Chez Sonny

Pizza for breakfast.

Beer for lunch.

Then time for a nap.

Saw a bear in the field, about 300 yards away.

And a bobcat ran across Route 6 and very nearly under the wheels of Sonny’s truck!

Venison for dinner.


The porch here may look casual but it conceals careful planning. It needs repairing, but Sonny needed a new crossbow first. So he got two old tires and painted them and now they cover the holes in the porch.

For the shed roof (also rescheduled to the spring) Sonny bought a big brown tarp and nailed it over the roof. Fits almost perfectly and keeps the rain and snow off the roof.

Except for where the plastic instantly split. After that, every conversation included epithets and canards about China, the Chinese, the Yellow Peril, and their nefarious plans to undermine the efforts of hardworking Murkins and the God-given pursuit of Killin’ Thangs.

To be continued (I expect)….

== PT

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