Movies: Surprise Trailer

Today I went to the movies. About 10 minutes in, I suddenly thought: What if some crazed gunman came in right now and started shooting up the place just like at that theater in Colorado? What would I do? What could anybody do?

Well, I’d hunker down below the seats, on the floor, but that was the end of my plan. Thinking about it later, I might have added: Well, I could try to call the police. But that might only attract the shooter’s attention. And I very seriously doubt the police would arrive in time to save me or anybody else.

No, in the moment, I quickly concluded that I would feel much better if there were a trained and licensed pistol owner packing heat in the audience. Somebody who might even have the nerve to shoot back at the lunatic.


Because that is not an ideal solution, nor even a solution I prefer. I am a pistol-owner myself. But these days when I see a pistol on somebody’s belt I do not feel reassured. I figure that guy is very paranoid or looking for trouble—among other things.

But defensive gun-toting is just the only solution I can imagine. It’s no guarantee of a better outcome.

What else is there? Eliminating or regulating 40 million existing private arms (an out-of-date, low number)? Ain’t gonna happen.

Maybe something more clever will pop into somebody else’s head. Until then, to me, “Gun Control” means using two hands.


2012 Aurora shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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