Tech: iPad—New “Settings”?

I just ordered something online and the website came back with an email prompting me to start an account. I didn’t see much alternative so I did. And I learned something.

Not only is iOS storing my passwords (always a terrific convenience if it actually works), but apparently I can review and change the passwords in settings. That could be a big help, too.

P.S., Also note the scrollable thumbnails at the bottom of the screen when viewing Camera Roll pictures. Were they there before?

== PT

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10 Responses to Tech: iPad—New “Settings”?

  1. Old Fart Bird says:

    what version did Your Ipad start out at? what version are you running now?

  2. Old Fart Bird says:

    is it an IPAD2?

  3. Old Fart Bird says:

    no, if it’s an Air, I guess it’s not a 2

  4. Old Fart Bird says:

    but, then again, I just looked it up, it could have been a 2…

  5. Old Fart Bird says:

    but, it looks like it’s a lot Newer than my IPAD 2, The Air 2 began arriving in retail stores on October 22, 2014. The slogan for the device is “Change is in the Air.”

  6. The Old Fart says:

    Point is: my iPad 2 is 4 years old, and was working perfect, until I put 9.0.2 on it, now, it’s a piece of shit, and Apple apparently doesn’t give a dam.

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