Tech: Quick Reminders in iOS!

I do like the fact that you can tell Siri to make a note to remind you of things. Could be very helpful when you don’t want to lose your place and haven’t got time to set a reminder some other way.

And in OS 9, you could probably go back later and use split screen to move the reminder from the Reminders app to some other apps like AwesomeNote.

Note: Supposedly Siri can make notes in various apps, including Reminders, Notes, Maps, Email…. I have found her note-making to be pretty reliable.

Good help for the absent-minded – and that’s certainly me!


The 5 Coolest New Siri Features for iPhone in iOS 9 « iOS Gadget Hacks


2. Set Up Contextual Reminders in Safari, Notes, & Mail

Siri can now be used to create contextual reminders, depending on which app you’re in and what you’re looking at, to intelligently figure out what it is you want.

Let’s say you’re reading an article in Safari but don’t have time to finish it. Just bring up Siri to ask “Remind me about this” and it will be placed in Reminders. Similarly, you can ask Siri to remind you about it at a certain time or at a specific location (work, home, etc.).

Setting intelligent reminders this way works inside of Safari, Notes, and Mail so that you can get notifications at a later time when you’re typing up a note or reading an email.

Below you can see what these look like inside of the Reminders app, which I created in each of the three apps I mentioned above. Check them off when you’re finished with them, just like you would with any other reminder.


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