War: Paris

One thing I like a lot: The French PM’s use of the word “merciless.”

Also: His declaration of war.

I had been wondering: “What it would take to mobilize civilization?” Something like 9/11, to be sure. But some said back then, there were many mistakes that could be made on that road. I am horrified that George W. Bush made every one of them.

The sad part of this is, I have the impression France has been more than hospitable to immigrants from the Middle East. And Africa. Especially after the mess of colonial Algeria. I remember watching all that on TV as a teenager every Friday night. It was an impossible problem.

Now it’s time for Dirty Harry. If it’s done right, things will surely get ugly.

9/11 was a plan of reactive desperation. 14 years later, ISIS is an attempt to build on that. Bad news.

US policy in Syria is cracked. They want to get rid of the bad guy but have no plans for a good guy. As usual. Again. Russia has the best strategy, and it’s not ideal. The US has no credible strategy. At worst, we could break Syria the same way we broke Iraq.

Maybe France can lead the way.


== PT

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