Religion: Sunni/Shi’a, Puritan/Quaker—Is There Any Difference?

Even unto capital punishment for “heresy”? Or maybe a lighter sentence:


As a way around this [politically controversial capital punishment], the “Cart and Tail Law” was passed in the colony where instead of arresting the Quakers for being Quaker, the Quakers would simply be stripped to the waist, then dragged through town behind a cart while being whipped. They could then potentially be dragged to another town within the colony to receive the same treatment. This was repeated until they’d find themselves unceremoniously deposited in a bloody heap outside of the colony where they were let go. Unfortunately, not everyone survived the transport method.


This Day in History: October 27th- Puritans vs. Quakers, The Boston Martyrs

P.S., The Puritans banished Christmas.

== PT

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