Business: What Fresh Hell Is This?

Want to feel persecuted (or, at best: Ignored!)? In politics, be a Libertarian. In society, be an introvert.

The definition of “management” is: “Getting things done through others.” I think most managers take that to mean: If they don’t see those “others,” then they aren’t managing. So they love gazing out over those “endless fields” (“The Matrix”) of incubating pods and “collaborating” worker bees humming along, doing their master-managers’ “work.”

Maybe a hundred years ago, in the Johnson’s Wax building, that sounded good. (And the JWB was designed by FLW—not some kids at Google. See below.) As for me, in my line of work: “Collaborating” is the opposite of working; a hindrance and an interruption at best.

WFH, OTOH, is not for everybody but is perfect for me. I’ve thought so for 30 years and modern technology makes it finally possible using phones and conference calls and faxes and video and document scanners and blah-blah-blah…. But just not any of those “endless fields,” thankyouverymuch.

The first, best way for a manager to get work done through others, IMO, is to learn—and then to engineer—what those “others” need to get their work done. For a significant minority of “others,” that usually means leaving us the hell alone to work.

IOW: Thanks, but stop force-feeing us your free donuts. We work better that way.

Oh, and then there is this:


Those who have worked in private offices for decades have proven to be the most vociferous and rowdy.



Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace. – The Washington Post

P.S., So many decisions are posed as “either/or,” when they should be “either/and.” “Either/or” means choosing between paper or ebooks: Those who choose paper cannot have ebooks.

“Either/and” means: Everybody gets ebooks. Those who want paper can print their own paper books from their ebooks. Win-win.

I’ve decided that most of the evil in this world comes from people who want to tell other people what to do. Period. And yes, that includes you do-gooders, too. Maybe you most of all. (I believe Hitler, Mao, and Stalin thought they were doing good, too.)

Where I work, nearly everybody who has the WFH option chooses to work from home when they can. When they want to go to the office, they can. So why would it make sense to force *me* to go to the office? Unless they’re just using me as an example of the “have-nots.”

And if we were all required to always work from home, that would be foolish as well. Procrustean. Some jobs are done better that way; some jobs are not.

Guess we’ll just have to see what the next survey “reveals.”

== PT

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