Politics: FactCheck on Obama

(…while ignoring the Republican Congress for now.)

Folks, the President of the US isn’t God.

And Obama isn’t the devil. He’s just another politician.

Wish he could solve all our problems, or scapegoat him with all our sins—it doesn’t matter.

How many gripers write their representatives, hah? Not many. Most of them keep griping to other gripers, like me. Guess what? I ain’t God, neither!

Don’t cry.

Write to the S.O.B.s you elected. If that doesn’t work, then ThrowTheRascalsOut. Volunteer to work on a political campaign (I did, once). That gives you bragging rights. Then vote early and vote often.

Good Luck with 2016.


4 Things That Were Supposed To Happen By 2016 Because Obama Was Reelected | ThinkProgress


== PT

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