Society: 45 Years And Still Wrong

There’s another posting on Facebook today about Hanoi Jane. The older the story grows, the more it gets wrong.

Yes, she went to Vietnam. Posed for some pictures. Saw some POWs. But since then:

🎙 She realized the error of her ways.
🎙 She confessed.
🎙 She apologized.
🎙 She asked forgiveness.

I don’t see much more that she could do. And what she did do has metastasized into several lies.

What disturbs me is the posting that includes this sentence: “Many died in Vietnam for our freedoms.”

Really? What, exactly were the VC and NVA going to do—storm the beaches in California?

Meanwhile, I had my young butt was drafted. That probably never happened to you—maybe not even to anybody you know. That’s when the government—our government—takes away your freedom. They take control of your life—24/7/365—for as long as they like. I am not making this up.

Personally, I had about the cushiest tour of duty anybody could possibly imagine—on the other side of the world from Vietnam. After I got out, I finished college. I wrote a paper that the teacher said was the best he had ever seen in all his (30) years of teaching. He gave me an “A++.” The subject was the “Pentagon Papers” case in which the government—again, our government—went to court to prevent The New York Times from publishing classified government documents that demonstrated how the US deliberately launched covert operations beginning in the 1950s to destabilize the government of North Vietnam. This went on for many years leading up to the (unconfirmed) North Vietnamese attacks on two US warships in 1964 that were the official casus belli.

We lied our way into that war, conducted it with coerced troops, and tried to cover it all up. Oh, parts of it were real enough—it was a proxy war among the great powers. But we lost. Because it was extremely unpopular.

Today’s politicians are smarter. Our military are all volunteers. There are no scared, unhappy draft dodgers hiding out in college (like I was). No couples getting pregnant just so Dad could get a deferment (as I recall). No students majoring in Education just so they could get a teaching deferment (again, AIR). The draft rules created an anti-government movement all on their own.

Anyway, those are two just two examples why I fear our own Federal Government more than I fear any other country on Earth.

Many died in Vietnam. But not for our freedoms.

More fact checking here:

== PT

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