Food: Shopping on Impulse Power

In the world of snack foods, most pretzels are usually recommended as being RELATIVELY harmless stopgaps against hunger pangs. (If you stay within recommended portions.) So I generally keep some Utz’s Sourdough Specials on hand.

Now, In general I don’t eat very much. I’ve found it’s amazingly easy for my weight to stay the same or increase while consuming relatively little.

And I never buy food on impulse. Or extremely rarely.

And certainly not at the beer store.

But when I saw another shopper lift a bag of pretzels off a special display I was intrigued. The packaging was a marvel of advertising and the stuff looked pretty good. I even went for the extra salty version.

So the salt will probably kill me. But the pretzels are excellent.

== PT

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4 Responses to Food: Shopping on Impulse Power

  1. Old Fart Bird Man says:

    What Kind of Beer did you get?

    • PT says:

      I got to half cases this time. Probably more expensive but….

      I got Anderson Valley Boont Amber. I think I had it once before and liked it but I’m not sure.

      And I got another sampler from some brewery I haven’t tried before. I had two brews last night and they were pretty good. I like samplers.

      == PT

  2. Old Fart Bird Man says:

    yep, samplers are the way to go, now, IF i could just remember…

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