Media: Media Sourcing

I got the movie package from Verizon. I think it’s $30 a month for 30 movie channels. But it’s always the same old movies as I keep complaining.

An alternative would be Netflix but I’d have to buy a box for that. But wait – my Google TV does that! I just forgot about it. I could get Netflix on my TV just as if I was watching on the computer. That’s how I bought several seasons of House from Amazon.

Somebody gave J a Four-season set of DVDs for “Breaking Bad.” I just finished binge watching them today. I felt some things were missing – and they were! There’s two more seasons after Season Four.

Now that I’m hooked, I didn’t want to wait and order a DVD. Besides, I wouldn’t go to the bother to sell it when I’m done. And I don’t want a Blu-ray because I don’t have a Blu-ray player. Ah, the complications!

So I downloaded Season Five to my iPad. And I think maybe I’ll just watch it on that. It’s easier than moving the disks around the house as long as I’m watching it by myself and not sharing. I’m looking forward to it. As you know, iPad has good resolution. And if I do want to share what I’m watching, I can watch it in the living room on the Google TV. Win-win. And if I want to watch it while sitting next to J, I can use earphones.

I think I’ll have to give this a little more thought. For years I’ve seen this dichotomy coming – Internet or TV? I think I’m reaching the border between the two.

The only thing about Netflix is you have to choose what you want to watch. The Verizon movie channels are just there – daily random movies that you can browse and pick or reject. Same with FiOS On Demand.

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One Response to Media: Media Sourcing

  1. Old Fart Bird Man says:

    we have something like 60 ” free Channels for 1 year ” but, like You said, Nothing Good on there. when my year is up, they can turn them all off. I’m Not paying for That !!

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