Tech: Giant Underground Stone Boxes Near The Pyramids In Egypt

I used to work for More Products Company. They make gauging equipment. The highest accuracy they dealt with was 0.0001 inch – what they called in their ironic slang, “tenths.” That’s the accuracy mentioned here.

Every time archaeologists come across something they can’t explain, they always conclude that it must have something to do with religion. In other words, crazy. Irrational.

I’m sure now that it most of this can be ascribed to ancient aliens. And there are very logical explanations for all of this. No magic, not even smoke and mirrors. Just long forgotten and disappeared technologies. What gets me is the lack of evidence. You’d think there would be some pretty fancy tools lying around. Even after thousands and thousands of years, I can’t imagine there’s not some interesting artifacts left by The Old Ones.

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On Feb 13, 2016, at 7:23 PM, RG wrote:

Video; 6 minutes.
I’d never heard of these things.
It gets really interesting when he starts talking about their weight, and then, their level of accuracy. Truly bizarre.

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