Tech: Stream your DVR shows right now


So all that cable that I ran to have three additional TVs feed off my three “cabled” TVs – I needn’t have bothered? Just use another iPad?

I do still like watching shows with the Wife however. In the living room. But someday I think we will not be going to theaters. We may not even be watching the same TV. We may have His ‘n’ Hers gadgets. Which the iPads are already.

I say again: Hmmmmm……….

== PT
Begin forwarded message:

From: Verizon Services
Subject: Stream your DVR shows right now

Stream your DVR shows right now

Start streaming your recorded shows on-the-go with the Fios Mobile app.
fios✓ by verizon My Verizon Support My Rewards+ View Online
Play DVR
your couch.
Introducing Fios Quantum TV
Mobility. Now you can stream
DVR shows on your compatible
mobile device.
Fios® Quantum TV has an exciting new feature that will get you out the
door without missing a beat — DVR streaming. Now you can record
shows and movies on your home DVR, and stream them on your
compatible mobile device with the Fios™ Mobile app.
Here’s what else the app lets you do:
Stream nearly all of your favorite Fios TV channels at home or over
126 channels on the go
Access over 5,000 free On Demand titles
Program and manage your DVR at home or on the go
And the best part is, Fios™ Advanced TV Mobility is already included
with your current Fios Quantum TV service. So, simply download the Fios Mobile app, and get started today.
Downloading the app is easy.
Visit the app store and download the
free Fios Mobile app today.
Fios Mobile
App Store Google play kindle fire

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