Cars: Nourishing the Roots of Design


One clever way the company is differentiating its models is by shaping their “sonic identities.” Simply stated, this is the way a DB11 sounds — and not just the exhaust note, but traits like the fasten-seatbelt warning tone and the click of a turn-indicator stalk or the creak of the leather on the driver’s seat. Says Aston, “Each [sound] has been paid close attention so they have harmony and a proportionate context to one another. Nothing has been left to chance.” This kind of psycho-acoustic fine-tuning — the conscious decision to make a warning chime sound “suggestive” rather than “demanding” — is quite cutting-edge, and further highlights the DB11’s importance, both to Aston and the industry at large, where vehicles are increasingly created through corporate partnerships (the mechanically similar Mercedes-Benz GLA and Infiniti QX30 come to mind).


:::::::::: BBC – Autos – Aston Martin dazzles in Geneva

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