Life: Nothing but the Tooth

I woke up today as if nothing had happened. And the IRS sent me a check that will cover it.

It all started 25 years ago when I had a tooth crowned. It tended to collect debris, which started me flossing. Just before Presidents’ Day weekend (with offices closed), the tooth hurt. I ran to the dentist and they said it was past time for a crown replacement. (Estimates are 5-15 years.)

They made a temporary crown and 10 days ago installed the permanent crown. Thursday night it hurt like hell. I finally reached the dentist yesterday morning. They don’t have office hours on Fridays. But they took a look and called some endodontists – most of them booked off for Good Friday.

All this time I was in 7/10-10/10 pain. (“How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.” — Ballance’s Law)

I drove to the endodontist. (My map didn’t cut it. I finally switched on the pulsing blue dot on my phone’s Maps app and found the place quickly. 35 minute ride done in an hour.)

The place was good. They did some interviewing, did some testing, and confirmed I need a root canal. Which took the next hour. What a production. I thought I had it done before, but probably on teeth that had only one root. This molar had four. To get at them, they first drilled a hole in the top of the new crown.

After the Novocain wore off the tooth started to hurt. I got an Rx for pain and antibiotics. It got better.

It felt like a week, but it was only a day. You forget what pain is like until you get a good dose of it. Root canals are as much fun as folks say they are.

At least my IRS refund covered it. Everything works out in the end. Though this isn’t the end—one more visit to Endo next week.

== PT

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One Response to Life: Nothing but the Tooth

  1. does anybody care says:

    Good thing , the Tooth Fairy was there ! 🙂

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