Life: Feeling Better About It

There I was, in the endodontist’s chair, getting a root canal one week after a crown (that’s backwards order). The work is so small, it’s actually microsurgery— the doc used a binocular microscope for the tightest parts.

This is what he does, all day every day. I have learned that even my most difficult or bizarre treatment situations aren’t even stored in the memories of some doctors who treated me. They do it all the time.

But here’s a nice part to think about: No matter what the practitioner could be thinking about – his kids in school, his wife at home, how much he’s getting paid for this, whether he’ll play golf after work – despite all of those things, at that moment in that place, I am the most important person in the world to him. Even if it’s just for bragging rights, even if it’s just for ego, even if it’s just to go tell all his friends and family what a brilliant job he did today (or how boring it was doing another route canal), right then he’s got to be very concerned about my happiness and well-being.

Even so, I’d just as soon skip the added attention.


== PT

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