Life: From Your Favorite “Exercist”


There is no downside. Except doing it.


“Exercise is a true ‘fountain of youth’ that literally improves the overall physiology and chemistry of virtually every part of your body from head to toe,” says Dr. Sukala. “We often think of exercise as a convenient way to stave off the more obvious metabolic villains like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, but there are also numerous benefits for the brain as well.” Here’s how he says exercise benefits the brain:

1. …exercise can reverse brain shrinkage….

2. Exercise is known to increase … a chemical … that acts like fertilizer on the brain. …

3. Exercise is a potent remedy for both depression and anxiety….

4. … Exercise … can help control the stress hormone cortisol ….

5. Exercise can help improve our ability to think clearly and logically ….

6. Exercise is a powerful protector against other diseases ….


:::::::::::: Here’s How A Month Of Exercise Affected My Brain | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


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