Tech: PT Calling

Yesterday I made a phone call using my MacBook Pro.

I’ve made calls using iDevices, but I still don’t see how to make sure that my phone calls and texts go where I want, ex.: The Wife’s iPhone or her iPad. The acoustics in my house are pretty crazy. But I get tired of shouting around the house and sometimes I text or use FaceTime instead. An intercom, if you will. Although the phone is supposed to work like an intercom, but I can never tell which extension is in which room and where is The Wife?

After installing the latest iOS software upgrade, I had to enter my Apple ID several times to access whatever it is I’m accessing – iCloud, iTunes, aye-aye-aye…! And still I can’t do what I want.

Too many product design features are included in products just because they can, not because anybody can use the damn things.

== PT

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