Business: Veni, Vidi, Venting

We ordered time-sensitive materials from CVS online. When they were a week overdue, I went online for tracking. I found that CVS shipped them via UPS to USPS. The package went from Wilkes Barre to Bridgeport, NJ and—vanished!

As my last resort, I called USPS. At two different phone numbers. Both connected to the same voice menu. Which didn’t offer any way to solve my problem. Such as: Can somebody call the Bridgeport facility and ask them to pick up the package, scan and send it on?

We’re talking about a 200-mile radius here, folks. I could have driven to pick it up myself in eight hours, round trip. FedEx could have sent it via Memphis and it could have been here overnight!

Instead, there is only one access portal (no chat, no email) to contact USPS about a package that went astray. And that option isn’t on the menu.

If the Post Office wasn’t in danger from competition before, it must be now.

P.S., CVS did provide a temporary solution. While they go looking for their package.


== PT

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