Tech: Premortem FiOS

My OCD wife is always fretting about the future. For example, what to do when we get too decrepit for the stairs in our house. The First Floor Solution starts with wheeling a hospital bed into the dining room. Fair enough but then what’s on TV?

I have six TVs but only three set-top boxes. Half the TVs are fed off other TVs. Which means I can watch a slave TV in the dining room, but the controls are in the living room (except I can control the volume on the TV).

The cable system I have set up in the house is so complicated I can barely remember it myself. Asking somebody else to reconfigure it up when I am incapacitated is something I would like to avoid.

Playing with my iPad this morning I found a remote control app that is supposed to control my living room TV. It’s not working yet. But then I had another idea.

I can use my iPad to access my DVR and watch my recorded programs on the iPad. Live shows are accessible too. Wirelessly. Anyplace I can tap into WiFi.

I know I’m looking for trouble, but this opens up other possibilities. So far, I had no imagined use for streaming or playing back on iPad. Maybe now I do.

To Be Continued….

== PT

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