Tech: Drone Warriors

Do the math:


The other effect of sophistication is that the generation time for new fighters is almost 20 years from drawing board to getting in service, so the electronics can be outdated from the start. The F-22’s main computer is based in the Intel 80960, a 1990’s-era device which runs at 10 million instructions per seconds; the iPhone 6 runs at 26 billion instructions per second.

These planes are good at what they were designed for. An F-35 can trash half a dozen 80’s-era planes without difficulty and fly back unharmed. What it can’t do is fight 200 P-51 Mustangs.

Of course, nobody is going to field swarms of cheap, low-performance manned planes because their pilots would be slaughtered. Swarms of cheap unmanned planes are a different matter: you can construct a military-grade drone capable of carrying a grenade-sized warhead for $1500, so the choice is between one F-35 or a swarm of 100,000 drones.


::::::::::Are modern fighter jets too sophisticated for warfare? – Quora

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