Tech: iPad—Battery/Chicken or Battery/Egg?

Some days, six or eight hours just isn’t enough. I end up having to plug my iPad in to a brick in the PM (accompanied by foul incantations) so I can soldier on.

Now I’ve adapted.

I got an extension cord and my iPad/USB connector and plugged in next to the chair where I always spend the first hours of the day. When I’m done dealing with emails and favorite sites, I can unplug iPad and move around as needed—and not have to stop for an emergency charge in late afternoon.

Especially helpful if I actually want to use iPad away from home in the PM. I won’t have to plan on dragging along the brick.

And if I want to use iPad outside in the morning, when the weather is nice, I can plug it into the power brick and use it in the backyard.

Sometimes changing things is as simple as merely changing the order of things.

== PT

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