Tech: Planned Obsolescense?

Yah, well, there have been cases. But is it common? No. Because it’s not very practical. And less so as time goes on.

Today, replacing the software steps right past upgrading the hardware. I like the story about how Tesla can update your car’s software overnight, while the vehicle sleeps in your garage.

And then there is this:


There are forces that could encourage manufacturers to lengthen lifespans

“The auto industry for years has been sort of a fashion-driven business, where your car had fins and five years later, fins were out of style,” says Tullman. Yet that’s changing: he cites United States Department of Transportation figures showing that the average age of a passenger vehicle on the road in that country now stands at 11.4 years; in 1969, the figure was 5.1 years.


I predict: One day we might become so proficient at upgrading software that it will be practical to upgrade obsolete hardware at the same time we upgrade state-of-the-art hardware.

:::::: BBC – Future – Here’s the truth about the ‘planned obsolescence’ of tech

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