Tech: Stupid iCloud Tricks

I just did something that I instinctively wanted to do since Day 1–6 years ago when I got iPad.: Have a traditional drive available somewhere as in the days of Windows.

I have my iCloud working and it’s working well enough that it must be backing up all my stuff automatically because Apple said they were going to start charging me $.99 a month for more memory. Which I am happy to pay. It’s a lot more memory.

Today I wanted to copy some files from one gadget to another (after I accidentally erased the files on both gadgets). I tried Airdrop for the umpteenth time and got it to partly work on one gadget but not the other.

I didn’t have iDrive available because you have to put the iDrive app icon on the home screen. So I did that. Now I can park stuff there just as if it were a Dropbox. Which I also have installed.

I could have emailed the files one by one, but took the leap knowing that it would cost me time and effort to learn something new. If it worked, it would be worth it. Looks like it’s worth it.

== PT

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