Tech: Today’s Phone Tip for Landlines (Phone Wars, Episode LXIX)

I’ve been on do-not-call lists for decades. When my home phone rings, I don’t answer it unless I recognize the caller ID. Still we get some bogus calls. If I accidentally answer one I try to waste their time— even if I have to call them back. That’s my idea of sport in retirement.

You can sue people who call you after you asked to be put on their do-not-call list. But I think charities and politicians are exempt from this.


Anyway. I found a switch on the Verizon website. It turns on “simultaneous ringing” so that when you get a call on your landline, another number rings. This other number can be a special number (somewhere!?) thatis like a spam detector number – a Junk folder for your voice calls. Now when my phone rings, if it’s a robocall, it rings that number, which vets the caller, and if it’s a robocall, I get only one ring and then my phone hangs up on the call.

It seems to be working. And I don’t have to listen to the caller ID announcing the call five or six times as it heads to my voicemail.

What’s the worst that can happen? If it’s a real call, they’ll call me back. Or call my cell. Text. Email. Rocket flare. Smoke signal. And like I always say: If it’s Ed McMahon, he comes to the door.

UPDATE:  I have switched off Simultaneous Ring.”

Turns out it is possible to have a conversation with a tech-support site, for example, and when you want them to call you back they can’t because the call is diverted by  Simultaneous Ring. So I guess I have to put up with the anonymous computer callers in order to get a couple of legitimate computer callers when I want them.

2017.05.15  == PT


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