Tech: Say Goodbye To Your Minimum Wage

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From: Guido

—– PT’s Comment:

It actually pains me to watch a modern retail clerk “work”:

• They accept your item at the counter and mumble something in Marketese (“Did you find everything you were looking for?”).

• They scan your item barcodes. (A chimp could do this.)

• They bag your items (or not). (Chimp,again.)

• YOU swipe your card or…

• YOU insert your chip card.

• YOU choose “Debit” or “Credit.”

• YOU accept the total.

• YOU choose or decline “Cash Back.”

• YOU sign or…

• YOU enter your PIN.

• YOU retrieve your debit card.

• They hand you the receipt. (Chimp.)

• They hand you the bag. (Chimp.)

At a self-checkout counter, they don’t evn do that much; they do nothing at all. If you think they deserve a raise, read the following out loud:



Remember when pumping your own gas was a novelty option? And banking—now, if I have an issue with my bank, I walk up the street to my branch and talk to somebody who…logs onto my account on the web site and does exactly what I should have done from my computer at home—or from the smartphone in my pocket. That’s guy’s job is vanishing, too.

And many, many others that can be replaced by an algorithm. Expensive mechanical arms and other new hardware are the least of it. I have seen the future and it is…D-I-Y! Self-Serve!

Think of the money you’ll save. (After you get your smartphone, that is.)

== PT



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