Humor: My last week of…

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…high school was one of the happiest times in my life. The weather was good, the classes just a matter of putting in time and waiting. No work got done.

And then, gradually, mysteriously, my classmates started arming up. One by one they began packing water pistols. Concealed carry, no less! Day by day it became increasingly likely that I would be targeted for assassination.

As a lifelong fan of playing with guns, this was a challenge to me. Near the end of the week, I was riding home on the bus when some scoundrel at the back shot water at somebody’s head. Then he turned his attention to me.

Sitting duck that I was, I turned to face him—then drew on him with not one but two concealed and loaded water pistols! He was completely stunned, paralyzed with shock and awe as I drilled him relentlessly! A priceless moment.

Easily the finest memory of my entire academic career.

And a few days later I was finally and irrevocably free forevermore. Ah.

== PT

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