Life: Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

Years ago I asked myself what was my favorite spot on Earth. I concluded it was probably my own backyard. So peaceful and quiet.

It is not sounding like that that anymore. When I tally up all of the things going on in the neighborhood that make noise, the only time everything was really quiet was the day after the big hurricane. Otherwise, on a daily basis I am treated to any or all of the following sound annoyances:

1. Trimmers.
2. Clippers.
3. Chippers.
4. Chain saws.
5. Dogs.
6. Delivery trucks.
7. Trash trucks.
8. Tractor trailers.
9. Lawn mowers.
10. Demolition cans.
11. Borough heavy equipment.
12. Firehouse sirens.
13. Fire engines.
14. Police sirens.
15. Ambulance sirens.
16. Courthouse carillon show tunes (hourly!).
17. 611 Bypass traffic.
18. High school band practice and football games.
19. Private planes.
20. Hospital medevac helo.
21. HS football game helo.
22. Cicadas.
23. Leaf blowers.
24. Power saws.
25. Construction/renovation.

Oddly, the birds are pretty quiet. I guess they can’t compete. And the children don’t make much noise either.

I must be retarred.

I should just put on my shooter’s “ears” and shaddup….

== PT

Oh—add this:

26.  Jackhammers.


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One Response to Life: Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

  1. RJones217 says:

    My back deck is still pretty quiet except when neighbors mow, and the skydivers fly out of Pennridge Airport. But for the most part it is pretty serene.


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