Tech: Siriously Helpful

With the latest update to iOS 10 for my iDevices, I turned on Siri. Now when I want Siri to do something all I have to do is say, “Hey, Siri.”

There are a couple wrinkles. For one thing, it only works on the iPad when the iPad is plugged in at the time. (And no one knows why.)

Also, my Siri responds only to my voice and J’s Siri responds only to her voice. It took me a few minutes to make sense out of that.

But it’s a nice, convenient way to operate my gadgets hands-free. It’s fun every day to ask Siri, “What will the weather be?” Or: “Is it going to rain today?”


== PT

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2 Responses to Tech: Siriously Helpful

  1. Old Fart Bird says:

    Funny..when I’m at home asking google on the android phone something, Kathy always thinks I’m asking Her something..which is part of the reason I almost Never even turn the speaker volume up on the IPAD…

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