Tech: You Gotta Get DVR!

I have 6 TVs, 2 HD STBs, and a DVR. I record everything before I watch it. If it has commercials, I buzz past them on playback. I haven’t had to sit through commercials on my TV in many years. It costs less than another 20 bucks a month for the DVR and it’s well worth it. I can store over 100 shows to watch. Even with the cheapest DVR setup, I can….

…Record up to six programs at the same time.

…Record any program I am watching.

…Pause any program I am watching.

…Record any series (up to ~14 episodes).

…Record or manage any program or series from any TV.

…Play any recorded program on any TV.

I can’t imagine having to be in front of my television at a certain time to watch a certain program. That reminds me of the old photos of people sitting around the radio in their living rooms many decades ago. The small amount it costs extra per month for DVR increases my TV watching options dramatically. I watch much more TV than I would without DVR. I can binge watch a lot of programs rather than waiting a week to see the next episode. I can stop, rewind, and play anything I have recorded at will.

I’ve seen only two downsides. First, when my DVR died, I lost all the stored programs I had picked out. And second, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what was previously recorded. 😜😜😜

Oh, and one more thing: it doesn’t work when I try to put my wife on PAUSE. Or when somebody on TV is talking too fast and I want to replay what they just said – very difficult to do at the gym. 😲😲

Easy to install. Get it and you won’t regret it. I don’t think I get a spiff for recommending this, but I recommend it anyway.

P.S., I have Fios set up so that when the phone rings it is displayed on my TV. Also: there is a setting in Verizon FiOS so that if you click on a channel to go to, and there is a high definition version of the channel on your system that you subscribe to, the channel will switch to the hi def automatically. And my telephone continues to hang up on machine-generated calls after the first ring.

Some parts of the system are still clunky and frustrating, but it does a few things very well. I have recorded many hundreds of programs on various kinds of systems over the past 30 years and this is the best so far. The picture is a little bit better than cable, too.



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