Society: The Liberal Mentality

A few days ago I was watching a TV news program. Among the talking heads was a pretty, young, blonde opinionator (identified as  a network “news analyst” or something like that). The topic was illegal immigrants from Mexico. The fact being discussed was the 40 percent decrease in illegal human traffic in the latest reporting month.

While most of the panel tried to rationalize the possible causes for this drop, this pretty face furrowed her pretty brow and urgently recommended that we (Americans) should be very “concerned” that these people were losing interest in crashing the US/Mexico border.

I must confess, it never occurred to me that there could be something we weren’t doing enough of in order to maintain illegal immigration. That’s sort of like feeling worthless  because burglars have stopped trying to rob your house.


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One Response to Society: The Liberal Mentality

  1. Robert W Jones says:

    I do not watch any TV news or listen to radio news. There is such a disconnect between reality and what news sources emphasize, that I find it totally irrelevant. If there is a decrease in the number of people “wanting” to crash our borders, it may be because we now have a president who is actually doing something about illegal immigration.

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