Tech: Time for a Toy

I bought a little Fenix flashlight to use in my backyard. Love everything about it, but when it came time to replace the battery, I couldn’t get the battery out. Stupid me, I should have bugged the company for a solution even if it was out of warranty. But I didn’t.

Flash Forward (Heh!): I had another old flashlight that I kept in the cellar for looking in corners. That died last week. I can get along without it, but you know I can’t. So I’m looking at the Fenix catalog again. And I found something much better.

My old Fenix was bright enough at 115 lm. The RRC 09 is adjustable from 50 lm to 550. Should do the job.

What attracted me was the clip, which faces in the right direction so that you can clip the light to a ball cap and use it as a headlight that way. Or you can reverse the clip. There’s also a magnetic base for sticking the light onto things. Add a clear plastic filter that you can use to hang the light from something overhead; the filter makes the light function like a lantern. So that’s three ways to go hands free. This is all explained in the 12 minute video on the website.

Taking the plunge now….

:::: Fenix RC09 LED Flashlight – Fenix-Store

== PT

P.S., 550 lumens:


Magnetic charge cord, magnetic base:



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2 Responses to Tech: Time for a Toy

  1. OldFartBird says:

    65 Bucks for a Flashlight ! are you fuckin insane? Magnetic Charging? well, you won’t have to worry about taking the battery out…

  2. .. says:

    Oh? And what was your latest, high-tech discretionary purchase, I wonder? Reversible Yuengling beer coasters?

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